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Welcome 2007!

Just a few notes on 2007,  more people than the last two years will notice a distinct impact on their available credit then they expect.

Fewer and Fewer banks will be as accepting as they were in order to re finance existing loans or mortgages.

Rising interest rates will affect consumer borrowing costs at a rate 2 times as much as the increase in Prime Rate.

There will be a distinct increase in the number of Credit Card offers and options coming through the mail and internet.

By shear numbers, insolvency will increase dramatically and the time to react to this will decrease because of denial and fright.

The fix is simple… Look at all of your outgoing expenses and ask your self ” Does this honestly feel right?”  most people have a little voice inside that is more insightful and honest then they will accept. There are many, many services, strategies and professionals out there that can assist you to counter strike agains financial distress. We too can help so please ask!… OK?  Please..