Hints to turn your expenses into investments

Its a bit of a twist on the old game but if you pay 10% more than you regular bill balance per month than in approx 7 months you will be one month ahead and in a Credit balance situation. If effect your creditors (utilities, cel providers, cable etc) will owe you money you over paid… Cool eh? You are now a customer that they would love to keep and will do as much with their corporate power to do so. Only about 10% of consumer maintain credit balances. 30% or so are current and the rest are behind at least one month. With establishing an expense plan and adjusting some expenses like lunchs, fast food, coffees, alcohol or tobacco to over pay others (the ones with late fees and reconnection charges) than away you go.


Example: A $100.00 bill on a regular basis could be paid at $110.00 (only 10%) for 7 months the actual balance owed each month declines to next to nothing keep going til you get a month ahead.


For a run down of the math please contact us.




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