Christmas and the Grinch that stole my paycheck in January

Ho Ho Ho and happy debt we owe!..  We can get around debt but not too far around.. We buy it we got to pay for it… Some how some way but nonetheless its our Grinch to play with…  The biggest month for Bankruptcy and Insolvency problems is February… The emotional drain on the system to “give the kids what they want”, Beat the Jones’ Have the best Christmas ever! is only in our heads and supported by our egos. We have only so much money and so much credit to go around.. Look at whom, what and why before you buy?  (In the writers opinion) Put a limit on spending and a way to do this is to use the simple term  ” Yes, with conditions”  Yes you may have this gift… the condition is a “B” average midterm… Ya I know… Christmas is for giving… ok…. Give initiative, incentive, caring and consideration… Again only the writers opinion.



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