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What are the advantages of Non Profit Credit Counseling?

There are two types of credit counseling service: for profit, and not for profit.A for profit service exists to make a profit. This does not mean they are bad, but it does mean that their primary objective is to make a profit.

A non profit credit counseling service, as the name implies, does not exist to make a profit.

They exist to provide a service to you, and to get you back on track financially. In many cases a non-profit credit counseling agency will spend more time with you, and they will emphasize budgeting and personal money management. They will take the time to teach you the skills necessary to help you avoid financial problems in the future, which of course is the reason for going to credit counseling in the first place.

As with all service providers, meet with person who will be working on your case, and decide for yourself if the person you are working with can help you achieve your goals.