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What Questions Should I Ask my Credit Counselor?

Many people are intimidated and embarrassed by the credit counseling process. To get you started, and to make sure you are fully informed, here are some questions to ask your credit counselor

  1. What services do you provide? Some consumer credit counseling services only prepare Debt Management Programs to help you repay your debts. Others are full service, and also offer budgeting advice and credit repair services.
  2. What qualifications do you have? You want to deal with an accredited counseling agency, and preferably with a credit counselor with many years experience.
  3. What do you charge? Are you a non profit credit counseling service?All reputable credit counseling agencies will disclose their fees in full up front; if they don’t, go to another service.
  4. Will my personal information be kept confidential? Most credit counseling services have a confidentiality and security policy, to prevent your personal information from being disclosed inappropriately.

You are the consumer, so be sure you understand the process before you start your credit counseling.